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AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd will be opening his very own restaurant on the Harbour Bridge marina in Tauranga, New Zealand, Phil's home town.

The Bay Of Plenty Times reports that Phil's Place will open its doors this month, and that many of Phil's friends from around the world will be flying in. He has of course invited his band mates from AC/DC to the grand opening. ""Sure I will invite the boys [AC/DC band members Brian Johnson, Angus and Malcolm Young, and Cliff Williams]. I've told them if they don't dress up they are not getting in. Brian is a good cook; he will get in the kitchen. It's not about pulling in the stars for the launch to make a fizz, because for me, it's got to be a smouldering hot spot all the time," says Phil.

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if i could live in new zealand i whele go to that restourant every day

See the Phil´s Place restaurant in the Gogle Earth: coordinators: 30º40'11.49''S 176º10'47.35''L
Phil´s Place adress: 101 Harbour Bridge Causeway Tauranga 3110, New Zealand.

Guess the boys will have to borrow Angus's extra schoolboy suits to be allowed in LOL just kidding guys.

They serve only Angus Beef

I sure would like to be there at the grand opening of your restaurant and meet my favorite band in the world!!! Billings, Montana in the USA is AC/DC deficient!!!! We haven't seen you here since the 70's! Please come and rock our world!!!! Love from AC/DC's #1 fan,
Shelley Sabrina Herman

I would do anything impossible to go to your restaurant Phil... Oh my god, I love you so much!!!!!!!!!