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The Press Can't Stop Raving About AC/DC

“Black Ice is the best record the band has made in decades”

A celebration of all that is great about Rock N Roll.”

“If this is what AC/DC sounds like on opening night after a seven-year layoff, later dates on the tour are going to be amazing.”

“AC/DC is the greatest band ever.”

“AC/DC: Rock ‘n’ roll that outlasts time”

“Black Ice finds the Australian rockers at their headbanging, power-chord-crunching best.”

“AC/DC remain timeless”

“AC/DC still sound strong and hungry 35 years on”

“You get primal rock with 70’s power, 60’s tunefulness and the wild abandon of the original 50’s recipe.”

After an eight year absence, the brothers Young come back as conquering heroes”

“just one monster riff-rock juggernaut after another.”

“thrilling in the extreme.”“AC/DC electrifies”

"AC/DC electrifies"

“Time stands still for AC/DC”

“Rock N Roll heaven”

“If there's a band that's absolutely essential for the rock 'n' roll time capsule, it's AC/DC.”

“Hot Riffs? Juicy Tempos? 'Black Ice' Pours 'Em On”

“AC/DC’s music is still an elemental force”

“Black Ice is a loud salute to arrested development.”

“Black Ice is a really solid hard rock album that showcases the band’s strengths even as it sounds surprisingly down-to-earth.”

“AC/DC Returns With Its Best Album In 25 Years”

“Brothers Malcolm and Angus Young remain one of the most lethal guitar duos in rock history”

“Veteran Aussie rockers AC/DC electrify”

“Critical acclaim escaped them…until now”