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Proposal For Bon Scott Lane In Sunshine

AC/DC’s Bon Scott was once a resident of Sunshine, and attended Sunshine primary school from 1951-56. Bon would later perform with AC/DC at Sunshine Technical School in 1975. A proposal has been submitted to the local council in Sunshine to name a yet unnamed lane “Bon Scott Lane” in dedication to Bon, who is said to have first taken on the name Bon at the primary school in the early 50’s.

February 19th will be the 31st anniversary of Bon’s death, and the committee hopes that the lane will be unveiled then

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Well that's a great idea to honer Bon !!!! I really like it !!! Bon Scott RIP *__*

Whoa!!! Bon lived in Sunshine? That's the next suburb over from me, I never even knew he lived in this area! I'm totally for Bon Lane!!! Too Awesome!