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Rockers And Rollers By Brian Johnson!

"Rockers and Rollers: An Automotive Autobiography" by Brian Johnson is now available for pre-order. Brian's own autobiography gives fans a glimpse into the world of AC/DC, and Brian's other passion: cars! Brian offers witty tales filled with humor and his passion for cars, car racing, and car collecting throughout.

"Rockers And Rollers" will come out in paperback on July 29 from Penguin Books and can be pre-ordered now from your local retailer.

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Cant wait, should be an awesome read !!!

Is this the announcement that the book is finally coming to America? I thought it was out in Europe already. As an American I have been waiting to get my hands on this!

Wow, I was just thinking a few days ago about Brian Johnson's solo project or some kind of autobiography book and now here it is! That's just great Smile

a question, can i buy this book in german?
thx for answer

Hey, Brian Johnson: since your very first concert with ACDC in the USA was in Erie, PA, how about ending the tour here! ~~ Theresa M. Erie, PA, USA

Brian, just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. All those experiences personally from / about you - wow, priceless. Cheers mate, Jon.

Brian, i have been hereing gossip that u r retireing and i hope u don't because if u do i might lock myself in my room and scream until my lungs blow out! Anyway i hope u get good reviews on your book!

MaKellee Doty

Whens it out!?

Can i find this at bookstores? or do i order it from this site? cuz this will go well with all my other ac/dc books

I can't wait to get that!

United States