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Shoot To Thrill: Exclusive Record Store Day 7" Single

In celebration of Record Store Day, AC/DC will be releasing a limited edition 7" single of "Shoot To Thrill / War Machine" April 16th, 2011. Both tracks are previously unreleased and were recorded in December, 2009 on the Black Ice Tour. For a list of participating stores, visit the official Record Store Day website.

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I'm Really Hoping To see you guys back In Edmonton someday the last time it rained so hard and the thunder from the rain was right on cue with Thunderstruck,that will forever be etched into my memories

einfach nur g**l

Great !!!

i love ACDC all my life and i would love to see thim in concert one's my number one band.

I saw this show LIVE in Argentina. Good bless this boys!!!!

Ya lo estoy esperando con ansia!!!

dont tell me they are going to release one or two songs at a time before the release the whole dvd C-MON guys its been a year since you were in aus release the live blackice dvd already !!! it is starting to look like a bit of a money grab which is very unlike acdc.

Hoping to get this, looks like a nice collection item.

Is The Record Store Day only being held in USA? I Live in Denmark and would really like to get a copy of this 7" release.

yeww me and my mates luv acdc we live in a small town "goulburn australia nsw" and all we ever play is acdc u guys rock keep it up