"Shoot To Thrill" Video: The Ironettes & Robert Downey, Jr. on Leno - May 5, 2010

Check out the "Shoot To Thrill" video featuring The Ironettes and Robert Downey, Jr. on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. WOW!

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thats a brilliant entrance, couldnt be the same without Shoot To Thrill Smile

I only have on wish before the last song is is sung
Please let me die before Angus Young
We've lost so many, Joplin, Hendrix and Bon
And I know how that feels to try and move on
But you know, through it all, and though he's not tall
He has faced the world and he has rocked them all
And at age 53, and with a sore knee
He still hops and rocks for the whole world to see
He can play as he runs, he can play as he spins
When he steps out on stage the REAL show begins
so say all you want, like a dumb c***
I won't get upset cause I'll just smoke a blunt
But you can bet your life when that man is in town
He'll earn all that money that you had to put down
And for us old timers who've rocked out for years
We've seen the one hitters, stupid b****es and queers
But none of them, no one, ever could play
As good as old Angus on his very worst day
So I don't want to be here when Angus is gone
I'd rather wait up in heaven and partying with Bon

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