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Show Us Your AC/DC....Tattoos!

A few weeks ago we started an AC/DC Tattoo gallery on We did it a little under the radar, hoping fans would find it on their own. But now the cat is out of the bag. If you haven't checked it out yet, please take a look. If you click on the Images tab in the nav bar, you will find it.

If anyone has any AC/DC tattoos that they think should be in our gallery, please email them to We will do our best to get as many of them up as we can.

IMPORTANT: If anyone has a BLACK ICE tattoo, please make note of it in the subject of your email. We really want to see these. We could probably find some cool posters or something for anyone that sends us good pictures of one.

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where the site to view tattoos

yeah where is the site 4 the tattos i wont to get all my back done would like to see what acdc tattos or pics out there .if anyone has or seen somethink cool plz send to my email <a href=""></a>

ive sent you my acdc tattoo many times but it hasnt been displayed yet, can you tell me why please