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Still Conquering the Headlines!

"For a hard-rock concert, you could scarcely ask for a more satisfying escape."

"...the band declared that rock music doesnt have to belong to the young, only the young at heart..."

"The Aussie heavyweights made up for lost time with an over-the-top concert that made the stage antics of "Spinal Tap" seem tame."

"The performance roared inexorably, making most other bands, young or old, seem puny."

"The government could learn a thing or two from AC/DC. The 35-year-old hard-rock band is a model of efficiency and consistency..."

"This return of AC/DC obviously awakened the nostalgia beast, but as the band's roaring display revealed, there is still plenty of bite left."

"...this massive six-month world tour has been a long time coming and proved worth the wait. If anyone can shake rock music out of its identity crisis and reclaim its roots, it's AC/DC."

"Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, Back in Black, You Shook Me All Night Long -- all were deeply rhythmic case studies in why less is more when it comes to soulful, timeless rock 'n' roll and why people still pay to see a schoolboy who refuses to retire his shorts and tube socks."

"Pleasing decades' worth of fans, these rockers still hit every song full-force"