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Vote For Angus Young For Guitar World Hall Of Fame!

Angus Young is nominated in the Guitar World 2010 readers poll for "The Guitar World Hall Of Fame" category. Be sure to vote for Angus at the Guitar World website at this location:
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Comments (20)

just joined the club i have been a fan all my life angus top's them all

angus should be the winner. he's the only one of the nominees that rock their bals off every time they play. plus angus has been my favorite since i was 2 years old

Voted for Angus!!!

god i hope he wins! because they didnt win their AMA. tht would show "glee"!!!!!!!!!! Smile

Angus!!!! Smile Tongue

Angus! Smile

i luv angus sooooooo much!!!!!!! i have been an ac/dc fan since i was 2. i am only 12 and i know wat good music is, unlike my class, all they listen too is the new crappy recent stuff. and they think that "old" music is music from a year ago. they are f'n idiots

Malcolms next. right? Lets get him in there!

this is Ridiculous how long we are being made to wait for the dvd of the black ice concert x-mas is nearly here & it still hasnt been released, as i am writing this my partner is at the u2 360 concert i can go to the shop now & buy A dvd of the 360 concert, can somebody please get in touch with the boys by what-ever means ( legal ) & tell them we want the dvd NOW !!!!

Angus Young is a guitar genius and a god of rock!! He deserves to win. He tops any other guitarist. He and AC/DC deserves more credit than what they have. Hope you win Angus!