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Released: Jun 23rd 1977

Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia

Length: 41:01
Label Epic
Producer: Harry Vanda & George Young

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Go Down Lyrics MP3
Dog Eat Dog Lyrics MP3
Let There Be Rock Lyrics MP3
Bad Boy Boogie Lyrics MP3
Problem Child Lyrics MP3
Overdose Lyrics MP3
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be Lyrics MP3
Whole Lotta Rosie Lyrics MP3

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Beast Album ACDC ROCKS

Powerage is my favorite album, but Overdose is my favorite song. Absolutely incredible solo by Angus, I love playing this song for people who've never heard it, or reading the youtube comments. I can't imagine why they've never played it live, they'd level the stadium once people realized what they were hearing.

Whole album has an incredibly raw energy, outstanding job by Vanda & Young. All-time classic, tho a Mr. Williams was soon to take things up a few more notches.

Let There Be Rock has to be right up there with favorite albums. This is my fourth favorite of AC/DC's. My top tracks off this offering are the title track, Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be and Whole Lotta Rosie! Rosie is the anthem that all us large size ladies like to sing out with.

This album is the greatest album of all time. There is no comparison, with that raw guitar sound, the originality of all the songs, and the uniqueness nehind the sound. Angus young and malcom young are truely geniuses. Bon Scott and Phill Rudd make the album even better. Go Down is a great song, Dog eat dog is an all time classic, Let there be rock is the probably has the greatest guitar soloing ever, Bad Boy Boogie is truely a bad boy boogie, Problem Child is a classic with great guitar and lyrics, Overdose is one of the greatest of all time, Hell ain't a bad place to be rocks your face off, and Whole Lotta Rosie is probably the greastset song of all time. f*** yeah, AC/DC is amazing! They are defined by this album!


Let There Be Rock is a great album and is probably my favorite album from the Bon Scott era. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be is a great song and is my favorite song from that album as well as my favorite Bon Scott era song. I also like the songs Let There Be Rock and Whole Lotta Rosie from that album. Dog Eat Dog and Problem Child are good songs too.