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Queen's Brian May: 'I would have liked to have been in AC/DC'

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Queen's Brian May has revealed that he would have liked to have joined AC/DC.

Speaking to the Independent, the guitarist said that he would have fancied a stint with the Australian rockers if it hadn't been for his business with Freddie Mercury and co, but also said he wouldn't have fitted in with the band as he was the "wrong sort of size and shape".

He said: I'd have probably liked to be in AC/DC [if Queen hadn't existed]. But I'm the wrong sort of size and shape, unfortunately.

He went on to add: "Because it's different from Queen. Queen were very eclectic – that's the word isn't it? – and we just trampled over every boundary that there was. But AC/DC are in a sense the opposite.

"They know their style and it's incredibly pure and I have a great respect for that. And every single note they play is AC/DC completely."

Brian May is set to have his time filled with Queen this summer, with the iconic rock band set to play live with American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert taking Mercury's place as the band's frontman.

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