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I wish i was a teenager when he was alive, I would have loved to see him perform, he's the best lead singer i've ever seen or heard. I've got all his cd's and back n black and who made who, but his music, the band's music is and still is the best ever. R.I.P BONSCOTT Larry,

I'm really an ACϟDC fan. It's hard for me to go to ACϟDC concerts, but I went to Sevilla to see them. It was amazing! I will never forget that day. June 26 2010!

R.I.P bon, ur r and alwasy will be the greatest singing in Rock!

Memes si tu n es plus la, to Ame sera toujours sur le GROUPE et sur

Bon,you are the best.I sing your songs out n people buy me drinks,would love to sing with the band sometime.Hey Angus ring me if ya wanna do some old stuff,PLEASE <a href=""></a> ,pease.... bon scottcalf.

THE BEST LEAD SINGER TO EVER PICK UP A MIC, you were awesom live the best I'll ever seen since!! R.I.P.

Bon I love your songs.I have never seen such a songwriter.Little Lover driving me crazy. R.I.P