AC/DC - Live In Hannover 25.05.10 | The Official AC/DC Site

Brothers in Rock...

what an amazing show in Hannover / Germany last week! Probably as every night on the rock´n`roll train but always an eye and ear candy!

After some problems [not really proiblems, but we had to square the securities :-)] to get in "the front of stage" area - what the hell heppened there - NO FANCLUB known - we enjoyed an awesome show.

Thanx AC/DC and Fans for this unfogetable event.

Take a look at this Picture. I´ve made a small collection of some pictures i´ve shot there.

Believe me, only the Thunderstorm is not from Hannover. Smile Everthing else is from this show. Hope you like it and see you out there!

Alex aka hanshammer