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Thispicture was taken at the special opening of the Evesham Cinema,for a fund-raising rock night which featured Fifteen english pounds and High voltage(local tribute act).The cinema is an original art-deco style building which has fallen into disaray and was recently re-opened for rebuilding as a film and cafe venue in Evesham,Worcs,u.k.The idea of the concert was for fund-raising by attracting all those evesham rock fans who have been forced to travel elswhere over the years by a lack of venues who cater for more than the usual throbbing dance beats and techno shows that the local'night clubs'offer!
The rock night took place on a very cold night and the building was un-heated for this one off gig.Once the bands hit the stage it didn't matter about the lack of heating because the Bon Scott-era songs soon had the crowd jumping around like crazy as we head-banged and celebrated the music of our hero's the magic ac/dc.
The concert was an absolute sucess because it brought the Evesham rock-music scene to life(our most famous hard rock band being the recently re-formed glam rockers Wrathchild and for trivia fans Evesham's alleged association of the most excellent vocalist and pilot Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) rumored to have at one time have been married an Evesham lass(and been regulary seen in the local drinking venues).
The one local venue i can recommend is the most excellent 'Railway Hotel' which promotes a healthy mix of tribute acts and battle of the bands showdowns.;