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Date: 1985-1986
Countries: 11
Performances: 85

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My first AC/DC konzert!

My first time witnessing the GODS of ROCK. It was way more than I could have ever expected. This was back when Brian actually rang the Hells Bell with a sledgehammer. The set list was great. I managed to work my way to the front row of a general admission crowd and Angus actually slung sweat on me. Ah, the good ol days of general admittance shows. I have since seen them on the "Blow Up Your Video" Tour, the "Ballbreaker" tour and 3 shows on the "Black Ice" tour. Rock on guys. Long live God's gift to the rock and Roll world ....AC/DC

I could have sworn I saw them in Phoenix on this tour, but it's not in the tour dates.

my 4 freind's and me went to the first gig at the nec ... what an awesome night ..... it was unbeliveable ..... i wished i could rewind time and go back to that time ........JUST BRILIANT !!!

My first Gig ever Wink

My one and only and for that matter only necessary AC/DC concert.
The last of the U.S stops for this tour. My partner in crime Boyd
And I took this as a pilgrimage. To this day no other live experience
has given me what seeing these 4 guys that night left me with. We didnt want
To run down and crash the rail. We found the best overall view . Met with the
Fans around us, and from the moment the lights went down until the last cannon
Fired through our bones . Everyone there stood and sang every word to
Every song. From every Brian Johnson growl. To the sweaty head bounces
We matched to Angus running a muck. Stomping every bassline and bass
Drum . Everyone there knew that these boys rocked . It was about 2 and
A half hour drive home. The moment we got to Boyd's house. We ran upstairs and
Recorded the entire set list in order. To the day even at 43 .If ACDC is on
I stop and listen. My friend and I swore an oath. Until our dying day.
AC/DC will play in us. We always played one song coming in from the
Parties. Always without fail. Loud and singing along. Ride On.... Ride On.