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Date: 1979
Countries: 9

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When they played Reno it was a small college venue a couple thousand people tops. The show was out of control over the top crazy. Great time in my youth that I will never forget.

Out of control? Over the top crazy? At 15 that Reno show set the standard for me! Wish I hadnt missed the Black Ice tour. ROCK ON!!!

I'm Brazilian, and in my country people do not really enjoy the rock, but I know the work of AC / DC, and I think that your work has been and is still the world should be on top. I love AC / DC.

I was there when they played the Zeppelin Field in Nuernberg 1979, it rocked! Wish I could have attended the "Black Ice" tour...

The Forest National, Brussels Belgium. Excellent show. Finally got to see my favorite band live. The people were running toward the venue before the show. There was much anticipated excitement! Great memory!