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Great concert, my hats off to you! Excellent sound, a great show and performance, started on time, what a great memory from you! You are truly professionals. Best concert of my life ... and I am sort in the middle Smile Hope to see you in another tour soon, if not here somewhere else.
Best of luck and keep on touring (after some rest Smile)!

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This Album is Great very graet

I was there with my friends. Was excellent. I'm fan fsince 1991, when I was 14.

I went to the one here in Austin two years ago it was Bad Ass

I almost missed this one, my plane got cancelled and then the hustle in the airport in Bucharest was incredible - I believe it was Otopeni where I finally managed to get a car from <a href="http://www.carrental.ro" title="www.carrental.ro">www.carrental.ro</a> and broke like five speed limits just to be on time to meet my friends for the concert.

i went to the blackice concet in melbourne australia and loved it you guys really know how to put a show on
if you make another dvd it should be that tour of australia keep up the rocken hits love you all from melboure austrlia

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