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My favourite AC/DC album from all of them, the moment when AC/DC beats Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Who. Favourite songs: ,,Highway to Hell", ,,Girl's Got Rhythm", ,,Walk All Over You", ,,Touch Too Much", ,,Shot Down in Flames", ,,Night Prowler" +10/10

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I'm Known as Miss AC/DC in The Seattle nightlife Community-
Never forget about the year I had a desk war with someone I didn't even know when I was a sophmore in High School. I would come in one period and write Black Sabbath Rules and they would cross it out and put AC/DC Rules. It went on for a little while, and then I decided to give this band AC/DC a chance so I was down as a fan after that first feel-(Listen) And I don't care if I do date myself this was in 1980. Been my fav group ever since. My Ex-husband's band used to do AC/DC Tribute for a few years "Dog Face" You would think they would have learned my favorite song "Girls Got the Rythem"

Torn between Highway to Hell and Back in Black as favorite.

With the release of "Highway to Hell" AC/DC had finally found an all-around better sound that would get them to the masses out there in " record bying land"! No disrespect to their older brother, George, but Robert John "Mutt" Lange brought every instrument up in the mix where it was supposed to be and left no stone unturned when it came to the EQ of the album. The bass & drum tracks are phenomenal and because they still recorded to 2" tape back in 1979, these instruments were big & fat like they are supposed to be!!! It also should be noted that on HTH, the background vocals now became very important. With this album, the Young Bros'/Scott songwriting had "come into it's on" and they for for real...this album can stand next to any other of it's time and really put it to shame because this is how real Rock music is supposed to sound like.....loud and raw...but with all instruments equally represented in the final mix! Angus' solos are topnotch and laid down with and aggression that we hadn't heard before, Bon's vocals were at an apex, the bass/drums were tight & solid, and the songwriting was great for this landmark record. Angus' guitar work on "Night Prowler" is some of his very best work. This is what blues rock is all about ....a feeling! There's more feeling in that song from start to finish than Eric Clapton ever thought about having!!!!! I'm serious! Bottom line, if anyone ever wants a true definition to what rock-n-roll really is..... You tell them to go play in middle section to the song..."IF you want blood, you got it"......that, my friends, defines what Rock really is........Rock-n-Roll is just Rock-n-Roll....DM Booneville, MS

Bon Scott had found a perfect marriage to his "play" on words with the great right hands of Malcolm/Angus Young and their raucous riffs! In my opinion, Bon's wit and double-play on words & phrases puts him at the top of the Rock heap. The Rock world now had to take this band serious....one could hear the vibe on this record that they were on to something and were gearing up to take over the planet....and guess what?.....it actually happened! I lived through it and that, people, was a wonderful time to be alive! AC/DC have sold over 200,000,000 cds globally to date.......I think that says it all and it started with Highway To Hell....the greatest Rock Album of all-time! DM Booneville, MS

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Mine are 1Touch Too Much 2Night Prowler 3Girls Got Rhythm

Highway to Hell all the way

my favorite AC/DC song is "Hells Bells". love it !!!

Yes, this is my fav album, I love it so much ^^

ac dc highwway to hell a awesome classic