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My favourite AC/DC album from all of them, the moment when AC/DC beats Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Who. Favourite songs: ,,Highway to Hell", ,,Girl's Got Rhythm", ,,Walk All Over You", ,,Touch Too Much", ,,Shot Down in Flames", ,,Night Prowler" +10/10

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Cara, sou brasileiro e odeio as músicas aqui do Brasil, Sertanejo, Funk, Pagode, Forró..
Só tem lixo aqui nesse país maldito.
Eu amo Rock e ACDC com certeza é uma das melhores bandas do mundo!!!!!!

Why am I the only person who likes "Love
Hungry Man" as much if not more than
"Highway to Hell", great album I listen to every
song this is the best album of all time.

mine is all and look this singer is the same voice of scott <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkNqpj4ZmdI" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkNqpj4ZmdI">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkNqpj4ZmdI</a>

This is my favorite album as well. In 1979, AC/DC outsold numerous rock 'n roll bands, including THE BEATLES. As they thought they had reached their peak, a very tragic event happened. Frontman Bon Scott died just months later, February 19, 1980. I really think that this set up for the high-selling Back in Black album (the first with frontman Brian Johnson).

where in indeonesia

puro poder sin duda de los mejores de la banda¡¡¡¡

mine is back in black, you are the best band in the world, please come to México león guanajuato touch I love the electric guitar and everything else I have 14 but only from age 6 I liked the song TNT please come.

This Lp is all killer no filler. Every last track is well constructed, lyrically brilliant, an absolute beast of an album. I think Mutt lang needs some credit here also. Its one of those records it does not matter if you play the A or the B side, cause once that needle is in the groove you wont stop it. Its a pitty we dont hear more songs from it live, as I have always said I think night prowler is the perfect track for Brian to sing, or maybe ACDC will never again do this track after that freak went on a killing spree, anyway this album is a must for any music fan.

My Favorite Song Is "WALK ALL OVER YOU" And "TOUCH TOO MUCH" !!!
ACDC The Best In The World

Highway to hell is my favorite song of acdc!!!!!!!! GO ACDC!!!! A MILLION TIME!!!! ACDC IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!