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AC/DC's best album is The Razor's Edge! 1,000/10 From Angus's fast shredding on Thunderstruck, to the eerie sound of The Razor's Edge, to the groovy bass on Rock Your Heart Out, and to the sound of Brian's voice on Are You Ready. This album contains all elements to a perfect album. ROCK ON!

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it is a tie between The 1975 High Voltage (Australian) OR The 1976 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Australian)

The Razor's Edge would be in the top 5

Stop corperation ace......people

Thunderstruck and moneytalks make this one of the best!

Love the tune the Razors Edge, a real good album but I would still rather the Bon Scott stuff. I am a hugh fan but an Album by judas priest was released at the same time called Painkiller, for me I think it is a far better album. The only album I wont dump but I also wont play is the Fly on the wall, mainly cause the sound is s***. Flick of the switch is an excellent album, I dont understand why people dont like it.


Love this album!!!!!! I played Razors Edge at our wedding...just couldn't help myself Smile

I have many different favorite albums but my 4 favorites are TNT, Razors Edge, Highway to Hell and Black Ice. My dad and I growing up always listened to them while working in the Garage at home. Some of my favorite Memories with my dad. Working on Cars and blasting AC/DC Laughing out loud

eu,pessoalmente,acho o álbum The Razors Edge, extremamente bem produzido! completo! com ÓTIMAS músicas! sem falar na música The Razors Edge em si; é... é a cara do AC/DC: completa! perfeita!

You right ... this is really good album
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