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Boogie Man
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Some people say I'm only out at night
Maybe those folks might of got it right
And some people say I drive a Cadillac car
Or sell my wares hauntin' hotel bars
I'm the boogie man, the boogie man
I like fine suits, smoke the best cigars
Like talking sex to women, girls in fast cars
I might be under the bed, ready to bite
So, little girl, be careful when you're on your own tonight
I'm your boogie man, your boogie man
And I hope that you don't misunderstand your boogie man
And don't let the sun come up on me, your boogie man
I'm your boogie man, your boogie man

The first rock song I heard (with dedication) was one that was shown by a friend. At first I simply found the chorus to be pretty cool, but then I found out that there was more to it than just a chorus. After hearing some banging TNT for a while, my ears learned to like those riffs. I soon started to watch their videos and found them to have way more attitude than I expected. Though some of their music sounded raw (TNT was, afterall, in their first album), I found pure f***ing rock n roll attitude. When I turned 14 I was given my first AC/DC CD (Live album) and heard them. After this I found out one thing: AC/DC isn't just about having some good chorus and kickass music, it's more than that. It's about knowing that you can find a singer that will sing his f***ing ass out; it's about knowing that you'll find a guitar player with such attitude that even if he plays like a student he might, in the end, end up with just his shorts; it's about a band that likes to have cool chorus and where everyone is able to participate; it's about having some kickass performance and stuff in a show that probably no one else has (bells, cannons, 'Rosie', ballbreaker, etc). That's AC/DC to me... it's knowing that you may not be the best, but that your attitude prevails above others.


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