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Locked and Loaded
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Brian Johnson and Jackyl
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Whatcha gonna do when the lightnin' flash

And ya bridges burn and ya start to crash

And a pill won't take that pain away

But it makes you feel good in a different way

Who ya gonna blame when the man calls time

And the clock runs down and your soul is mine

And how ya gonna pray when ya hands are tied

And you look in my face and you know I lied

I have been a fan of AC/DC my whole life. I am the biggest AC/DC collector in my town of Mena, I know, and perhaps I have the biggest collection in Arkansas. I am well versed in the history of AC/DC, I have 3 biographies, all the CD's, including some rare imports, I have all the DVD's, 5 hats, 2 beanies, over 15 shirts, hoodies, and even a pair of AC/DC Converse shoes that I will never wear, those are highly collectible.
I am a huge AC/DC fan, and I have been ridiculed and b****ed at by religious people for not being Christian and listening to gospel music and that kind of crap. What they don't realize is that AC/DC and rock n' roll is my gospel, I worship with the speakers loud and jammin' with my Fender Strat or my Gibson SG.


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