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Melbourne, Australia
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Back in Black
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When i was 9yrs old my father said to mne do u know who AC/DC are? and i am like NO i wouldnt have a clue, so then my dad putted AC/DC Back In Back on and i was like there not to bad then he putted You Shock Me All Night Long and i am like i so love Acca Dacca AC/DC now. Then it came to my 16th birthday, my mum and dad had a special surprize for and i am like what is it, my mum said close your eyes (so i did) My mum and dad gave me 4Tickets to go see AC/DC Black Ice Tour 2010 on Feb 13th and i am like NO WAY! my dad, mum, my cousin and myself went to AC/DC Live in Melbourne on Saturday the 13th of Feb 2010 it was the best and the best concert i have ever been too. Rock 'N' Roll i love because of Acca Dacca. If it wasnt for my dad to get me into AC/DC I wouldnt of went but i thank my daddy to get into them


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