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Hey guys!! AC/DC is my life and soul. The riffs of Angus and salty lyrics of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson have always just mesmerized me. My Dad got me into them at age 5. Ever since, I haven't put down my headphones to stop listening to them. Favorite song: T.N.T. AC/DC will live on forever in my heart! Laughing out loud
╔═╗╔═╗ // ╔══╗╔═╗
║═║║╔╝ // ║╔╗║║╔╝
║║║║╚╗ // ║╚╝║║╚╗
╚╩╝╚═╝ // ╚══╝╚═╝

I'm also your basic metalhead. I'm just a pure all around rocker. \m/ xD


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