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She said she'd never been, mmmmm, never been touched before.
She said she'd never been, this far before.
She said she'd never liked, mmmMMM to be excited.
She said she'd always tried, had to fight it..... she never won.
She said she'd never been, never been balled before.
And I don't think, ehhh, she'll ever ball no more.... fixed her good.
Hey! Squealer!
Well I held her hannnnd,
I made her understand!
Wanted to kiss her lips!
Suck the finger tips, hey!
Oooo, it started gettin' hot!
Ooooo made it hard to stop!
Got too much.
I think I gotta magic touch OW!
(One of the best solos I've ever heard)
Yowwww Squealer!
whoa, Squealer!
Oh yeah, Squealer!
Oh, ws a Squealer!
Squealer! Squealer!
She was a squeeeeee.... Squealer!
She was a squeeeeee.... Squealer!
Oh was a squeeee.... Squealer!
Squealer! Squealer! Squealer! Squealer!
She was a Squealer!

Why I'm a fan. There's lots of reasons why I'm a fan. One, AC/DC kept Rock n' Roll alive all this time. If it wasn't for them, Rock n' Roll would have died out long ago, to the days of Chuck Berry. Two, I don't just listen to the music, I feel the music. When I hear an old Bon Era song, I think about what it must have been like to be standing on that hot, smokey, stage back in the 70's. Young Angus doing his Legendary Duck Walk that nobody can get enough of, Bon hammering every note, Cliff, and Mark for that matter, (can't forget him), playing the Bass like old pro's, Phil (and Chris) providing that easy going beat that everybody can dance to, or a hammering flash of thunder on energetic songs, but I'll never know that feeling, so I can only wonder. Poor Brian, such big shoes to fill when Bon passed away, but he nailed it. Big time. Back In Black? Only the greatest rock album ever created. For those about to rock? Hell, who wasn't rocking those days. I could go on and on forever about the accomplishments of Brian, because he saved the band. He completely held the band together. and he did a damn good job. Brian, wasn't intimidated to wear leather coats and have mohawks, he stuck with Rock n' roll, he kept it alive, and I thank him for it. Brian, Angus, Phil, Cliff, Malcolm, if your reading this, you guys ARE Rock n' roll. You've always been a rock n' roll band. Always will. Make more albums. Don't let rock die. Every note you strum, Every word you sing, every beat you hit, feeds Rock n' roll. Don't let it starve. Keep doing what your doing, keep doing it. Please. For the sake of music. Your one of the only remaining true Rock n' rollers left. One of the only. You guys are the best. I haven't even seen you guys live yet, but I will. And when I shake your hands, I'll know I just shook the hands of legends. I just shook the hands of legends who influenced so many great things and have overcome so much, and still came out on top, knowing you changed the world of Rock n' Roll forever.

Storm Pezzullo of Paducah, Kentucky


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