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One of my earliest memories was when I was three years old. I would wander into my older sister's room and pick up her "Who Made Who" album. I would carry it around and just stare at the cover, I suppose you could also say that Angus Young was my "first crush". Later in my life when I started playing guitar I would watch live AC/DC performances and be in awe of the level of skill and showmanship that the band possesses. I finally say my first AC/DC concert on 1/20/1996 at the Thunderdome in St. Petersburg Fl. during Ballbreaker Tour. At that point I had seen many concerts, but no one ever came close to the level of skill, sound quality, showmanship, and immense joy that I had experienced that night. To this day, AC/DC is still my favorite band to see live as well as being my overall favorite band.

The second concert I attended was on 3/21/2001 at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Fl. for the Stiff Upper Lip Tour. This was the first time I dressed as Angus Young. Before the show started, a friend walked by, and informed me that he had won floor seats from the local rock n' roll radio station. At that moment I vowed that I would sit front row for the next concert no matter the cost. Eight years later, I called my sister (who now lives in Washington DC) and told her she needed to fly home for Christmas on the 19th no questions asked. My sister who initiated my love of AC/DC and was also a huge fan (granted she had been to many amazing concerts) had never been to an AC/DC concert. My sister arrived in Tampa on the 19th of December 2008. When I picked her up at the airport she informed me that our mother had spilled the beans and told her about the AC/DC tickets. That was ok, because she did not tell her where we were going to be sitting. On 12/21/2008 we arrived at the St. Pete Times Forum. It took us awhile to get in since I had my hair up in a trihawk with the band name spray painted on the sides, and a custom back patch that I had made for my jacket, so many people wanted a picture. We entered into the VIP lounge, to which my sister replied "this is nice", we got a drink then went to our seat. Since it was a surprise I held onto the tickets as we walked through check points, which ended up being an issue, by the time we got to the third guard my sister finally said "just let me hold my ticket, I promise I won't read it" so we continue, we went past another guard, then another, and another, finally we get to our seats, in the front row. I could see the tears forming in my sister eyes, and she said with a huge smile on her face "we need to go back to the VIP section because I'm going to cry and I need a drink". The look on my sisters face will always remain one of my most treasured memories. There are no words to describe how amazing that night was, and I nearly passed out when they put my face up on the big screen for "The Jack" (of which there is footage of on youtube).

Aside from concerts, I have also organized two tribute photo shoots. The first was shot at The Castle in Ybor City Fl. where I portrayed Angus Young and modeled most of the photo's from album covers, magazine photos and performance shots. The second was shot in Bradenton Fl. at a historical park on a steam locomotive, as a tribute to the Black Ice Tour, a few months after that shoot, I moved from Tampa Fl. to New York City to pursue a stylist and painting career. Since I have been in NY I have worked on a independent film about an AC/DC cover band, as head of wardrobe. In closing the only thing I can think of is I wouldn't want to know what life would be like without AC/DC, I know for a fact my life wouldn't be nearly as fun.


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