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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...I'm listening acdc for year (yes u think is short time)
when i heard a first song (of course T.N.T:D) i said to my friend "who sing it?!" he said.. its acdc do u know them? i said no Laughing out loud i liked the energy of that song Smile when I come home i go on youtube and ( maybe it was a big mistake bcs now im a fanatic Laughing out loud ) .. i started to listen some songs Smile I said thats good:)
After some days i started to read some about them Smile I was baised Smile I liked the voic of Brian Johnson:) and the style od playing od Angus:)
After days I was obssesed of them :)♥
I know about them more more more I was talking about them all the time bcs my friends dont know them.. ( they loves hannah monatna ofc:D)
I listened their music all time Smile 24 hours 7days in week Smile i must to heard their songs:)
It was a 30 of december when they had a concert in Prague .. I was crying at home bca I didnt have money on ticket
When I saw that they have a concert in Warszav I was happy Smile I started to earn money on ticket Smile My mum say I can go and my father was very happy bcs he loves acdc too Smile after some days I buy I ticket Smile and now is 23 of May and Im waiting on concert Im talking about it all the time Smile
I can say Im a true fan of them Smile you think she is a fifteen years old..she dont know acdc.. but♥ acdc is for me like a God for christian:D:D

Ps: Love Brian Johnson voic and Angus Young style of playing:)
♥thats why Im a fan of ACDC


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