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Ride On
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It's another lonely evening
and another lonely town
but i ain't too young to worry
and i ain't too old to cry
when a woman gets me down
got another empty bottle
and another empty bed
ain't too young to admit it
and i'm not too old to lie
i'm just another empty head
That's why i'm lonely
i'm so lonely
but i know what i'm gonna do -
I'm gonna ride on
ride on
ride on, standing on the edge of the road
ride on, thumb in the air
ride on, one of these days i'm gonna
ride on, change my evil ways
till then i'll just keep dragging on
Broke another promise
and i broke another heart
but i ain't too young to realize
that i ain't too old to try
try to get back to the start
and it's another red light nightmare
another red light street
and i ain't too old to hurry
cause i ain't too old to die
but i sure am hard to beat
But i'm lonely
lord i'm lonely
what am i gonna do -
Ride on
ride on, got myself a one-way ticket
ride on
ride on, going the wrong way
ride on, gonna change my evil ways
ride on, one of these days
one of these days
Ride on
ride on
i'm gonna ride on
ride on, looking for a truck
ride on
ride on, keep on riding
riding on and on and on

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