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Ride On
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But I ain't too young to realize
That I ain't too old to try
Try to get back to the start
And it's another red light nightmare
Another red light street
And I ain't too old to hurry
Cause I ain't too old to die

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... I think AC/DC is easily the best band in the world. They have so much power and energy. All of their songs inspired me to write and play music. I've seen interviews and the members all seem so down to earth. Plus, AC/DC helped me off of a suicidal path I was on. All of my friends think I'm weird because I am a teenage girl who loves AC/DC. They all think I should like Kesha or Bruno mars or Justin bieber. AC/DC is just so powerful in all of their songs. It is my dream to go to one of their concerts, but my mom wouldn't let me for the black ice tour because I was only 10 or 11 at the time. My dad introduced me to AC/DC, and he's the most wonderful dad ever. I have all of their albums and a angus wall decal in my room Smile. AC/DC makes me happy, and there's nothing anyone else can do to change that.


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