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Have adrink on me
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AC/DC plays with no guitar effects. At the end of this song there is some kind of echo anomily. I cannot copy that sound. I must know how Angus did that or was it an accident.

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... The band is just like me. Tough, hard woring, hard playing, riding that fine edge of sanity, and reality. I get such a release from listening to them. During the tough times such as now, and the good times, I have always had them within reach. Theyve taught me how to play the giutar. theve taught me how to sing and in turn I can pass that along to other people. they reach people on so many levels because they have given every thing they possibly can back to their fans. If you listen to their music, you can actually here them say, we dont care whats popular, we dont give a s*** what anybody in the record company wants us to do because everybody else is doing it, we do what we want, take it or leave it. I only wish I could live my life like that, not many people do. Just write on my grave, I overdosed on you. I love all of their music. I cant think of a bad song I may not love it right away but then one day with a flick of the switch i get blown sky high and suddenly Im in love with it. The music never gets old. My ultimate fantasy is to jam a few songs with them on stage somewhere. I got all the moves, and all the licks. Ive been a fan since 1979 when I was 10 and the day that changed my whole life when I heard the song on K-102.7 Ft. Lauderdale (no longer with us)that described me perfectly, problem child. I then knew I wasnt the only one. They were right there with me and we have been true friends ever since. They never let me down and I will never let them go. Best friends till the end.


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