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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...
the music speaks to me. there's not one single song in AC/DC's massive catalogue that i don't absolutely love. i honestly don't think they're capable of writing a bad song or making a bad album. the rhythm section pounds. the vocals, both bon and brian, can go from screeching mayhem to hard living blues. the lyrics are always clever, truly a cut above most, and let you know that the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world doesn't take themselves too seriously. and then there's Angus. he can shred with anybody, but has absolutely no need to do this, because some of the sweetest blues leads ever recorded are on AC/DC albums. in the sixties, there was the whole "clapton is God" thing going on, but this is incorrect. Angus is God. period. i think the guitar plays him more than he plays the guitar. i can hear an AC/DC song 100s of times, and i still get shivers down my spine. and, let's not forget, without Malcolm, no Angus. their playing is truly interwoven, and on an AC/DC site, i don't need to explain the importance of Malcolm Young. we all know.
and of course the concerts. it's my humble opinion that any great rock'n'roll band should be, first and foremost, a great live band. nobody puts it out live like AC/DC. nobody. i leave an AC/DC show completely drained, ears ringing, and with a dumb, blank grin on my face. it takes as many days for my feet to touch the ground as it does for my ears to quit ringing. "you can come back to earth now. the concert was last week!" is something i usually hear from friends after AC/DC comes to town. i could go on and on, but i'll stop here for now. i plan on writing more about the Greatest Band Ever as time allows.

all hail AC/DC!!!


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