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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because AC/DC are the best band in the world. Here are some in depth reasons:
-there music is great, and they never went with the 'trendy' music of the time, which makes all of their albums timeless and as good today
-sucsess, fame and money hasn't done much to them, they are doing it for rock and roll not the money
-there material is not on iTunes, so you have to buy the full albums, therefore loving AC/DC more (and wanting to have more instead of just the singles)
-they over came the death of there lead singer (RIP Bon), so nothing can stop them
-the riffs are simple enough to play, but sound amazing
- they have influenced so many bands
- they have there own unique sound (and you can tell when your hearing a copy)
-the energy that goes into every show... live at river plate...angus is 56!!! and still crazy
-they take the music seriosly, but maintain a good old aussy sence of humor
Yeah, thats about it.


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