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They are the same since so many years. The band is much older than me, but if you listen to their albums, their songs, their High Voltage Rock'n'Roll, you will find the same spirit again and again...
Bon died already when my parents were children!! But if you listen to their music it's just like he'd been your friend for your whole life... Brian's no Bon, and that's exactly why he's the best 2nd (3rd if you count Evans) singer the boys could have found for AC/DC! That's their music.. Bon with his devlish vocals, or Brian with his high-pressure voice nobody can get down, Angus with his bluesy hell-solos and of course this fuc*in' Rock'n'Roll
rhythm train, just rolling over everything on its way: Phil, the machine-drummer with his incredible tight rhythm, Cliff, this great r'n'r pocket bass player, and of course the leader, Malcolm, whose sledgehammer-rhythm-riffs are just blowin you head away and making you jump around to their music..
That's why you have to love them... This high-pressure rhythm team combined with those ass-kicking-blues-solos
and Brian's or Bon's voice is just the rock'n'roll itself, for nearly 40 years now!

It's AC/DC


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