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Little Lover
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Saw you in the front row, moving to the beat,just moving and grooving. Killed me when I saw the wet patch on your seat.....

I'm insane for "the boys" ever since seeing them live for the first time 27 years ago. Even now, when I hear an AC/DC song unexpectedly, it's as if I'm seeing them live again, and the surge of adrenalin is an immediate response. I get that "high" at every show, no matter where I'm sitting or who I'm with. Fourteen shows and counting!Favorite lyrics "Little Lover"! (good times!) And yes, I've gotten a s***load of comments about being an AC/DC fan named Rosie! (Especially when I was in school and would dress as Angus on the day of the show)but dressing like Angus got me on stage for the "Who Made Who" tour! Rock on little loves! From Rosie


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