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I'm a fan because of who I am. I was born in the late 60's and when I first started to understand music, there it was, AC/DC! One of my older sister's boyfriends got me listening to it and I never looked back. I've seen the boy's live in concert now 18 times with my most recent at Louisville april 13th. I've grown from a child to an adult with teen's of my own listening to them. I'm not your typical headbanger either. I've been modestly successful in my career, married for 17 years now and lead a well rounded life. Almost every memory I have, you can find AC/DC in there somewhere. I still have all my old cassette's and album's and listen to them every day (mostly cd's now). I would hate to think where I'd be if AC/DC had not had some influence in shaping my life. They helped me through the best and worst of times in my life. I want to say Thank You to everybody in the band (past and present) and everyone who has a hand in making AC/DC who they are! So I ask "Who Made Who"? Did the fans make AC/DC or did AC/DC make the fans? P.S. You guys owe me about $20,000 in speakers you've made me blow over the years! Just kidding! Hope to see ya again!


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