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I looked at him with a look of astonishment , not because he was reluctant because he did not expect to be asked for a divorce . I thought that I would cry out, but his eyes did not gush of tears , just stare too much . After I calm mood , tone, calmly asked him , " Why? "

He said apologetically , "I do not love you, you've changed. Before you are innocent girl , but you have now become strong , and I'm afraid of your temper ! "

My body slightly flick , is this his truth yet ? I've changed , I do not know. Think again , starting from the day he was unemployed , I have become the head of the family , the family breadwinner , had become strong. Inside the company , I was a strong woman, but if I had to listen to the boss , only to succumb. Home inside, watching the worthless , have drunk unconscious husband, and I feel anger and resentment tempting - to marry someone else 's husband so good car and a big house , how my family that I have to counter- keep him ? ! However , I put out there by the gas company also vent on him, on his whirring drink . He did not speak, but will be determined at me , silent, apart from anything else go back to the room .

From that day on his habit of whistling drink seems , because I think this is their own deserve. May be the case, he got tired of it !

"Well, divorce divorce. Anyway, I do not want against you ." I said lightly , a divorce is simply improper thing , do not feel sad, but also become a lot easier, put a big burden like.

"You ...... is not hesitate , do not regret it?" His voice was trembling visibly .

I sneered, " What can I do ? Am I eligible to hesitate any regrets? Divorce is your question, I can oppose it? Moreover, marriage is two people , one of the parties do not want to , and can not make up ."

"Good ! Good ...... " he said feebly , driven to distraction to go back to the room .

I also dislike his attitude , so cowardly character, but also just keep bathing go.

This evening, we are housing distribution sleep .

( Two )

A few days later , April 19, 2005 , we went to the office to sign the divorce papers divorce , do the formalities, responsible for our programs Yin took us to the conference room lawyer , asked, " Mr. Wang , you Ms. Nguyen with your wife after divorce, you need to Miss Nguyen alimony , your economic ability allows you to do this? "

After he heard , obviously a little embarrassed . Also , he can not afford them even their own people , but also to keep my wife said it ? It seems I am a little despise him.

" Mr. Wang ? " Yin tiresome lawyer asked again.

" Uh ...... I ...... " He spoke a little stuttering, obviously embarrassed to say it, but to help me with his eyes .

After I have come across his eyes , he was an anti- eyed, then laughed and said , "No, I do not , I can keep myself own , not to mention I do not want to have anything to do with this man ." Of course , my tone is interspersed with some irony.

"This ah ...... so ...... very few people will " Obviously Yoon lawyers do not understand a bit . But I do not understand or, these scandals are not to be exposed, and let it be someone else's laugh Bing , I also Mabu Kai stain.

After a round of inquiry and small procedures , everything to run it.

Out to the divorce office door , and I want to thank Manfred , " Could you just do ...... ......"

I have not listened to his words , he interrupted his words, "No thanks, I just want to tell you cut off from ."

"Yes ...... " He is obviously a little lost .

"I go ." My stiffly turned on just provoke a taxi .

Look back at him , I saw him freeze down , looked already disappearing taxi , exposing dismay sad expression.

Suddenly, I felt his face wet, Ma Ma itch , hand touch , single-handedly wiping out the tears .

I cried.

Also , it is after all the feelings of a five-year ah ! I am 20 years old by the start of early marriage marry him until today 25 years old, so easy to stay so long , and moreover that time still small, young and ignorant , but still guard so far, are also considered rare. I remember that year college, I was the school beauty school grass that he is , of course, there are a lot of admirers , yet I look on him, and he liked me, both parents regardless of the opposition began exchanges . Speaking of divorce is very simple, but it still hurt to buy the line .

It seems that with him through so much , and now after the divorce , he still has a hint of nostalgia .

( Three )

" Joe , are you coming classmates gathering ah ? " This morning , my old high school classmates called me and said that the students invited me to the party.

" Ahem ...... bad, do not, I am a little cold, you will not infect ." I try to make excuses excuses .

"Then we go to your house to see , what to visit you! Take the opportunity to look at your husband too ! "

Old ...... husband ? Husband ? !

" I told my husband ...... uh ...... " When I want to say " divorce " word, but the words swallowed . Because I know that if I told them this, they must be pointing behind me , but why I was too proud ...... or reject them better.

"I ...... "

I did not finish, the phone 's voice sounded again head over there , "No problem , right ? Decision so myself ! 7:00 tonight , the way to eat a meal of it ."

"But I ...... I do not have time ah ! " I want a way of excuses .

" ...... "

Listen next to the other end does not ring, I quickly shouted , "Hey ! "

"Toot Toot! ......"

Damn, hang up ! So how to do it ?

Yes ! Manfred ! Call him! I immediately pressed his phone number , dialing function when pressed , I was a bit hesitant - Is directly told him , afraid to lose face in front of their classmates and asked him to act as my husband ? But if it is him, it can also have other candidates ? After all, a husband and wife , he should not mind to promise me , right?

In the end, I still pressed the dial function , telephoned Wang Minghui .

"Hello ? Jojo is it?" The other end of the sound is obviously a little surprise.

"Yes, Fred . Uh ...... I want you to do me a favor, that is ...... act as my husband ...... ...... " I trailed off , hesitatingly , look , I was apprehensive .

" Ah ? ...... Uh ...... I think I can help ." He was shy at first happy surprise .

"That ...... I'll pay, hourly $ 100. Worry, I will not deadbeat ." I think his economic situation , he still can not help but want to pull one .

"Oh ...... wage ...... I think you are , right? " He was a little lost.

" Ah ? Than Oh ! ...... I mean, you just do not want to delinquency ." I do not know just say so would hurt his heart.

"Well ."

"Well, we 'll see you tonight ."

"I will arrive on time, goodbye ." He hung up .

I do not know why, I suddenly look a little moment - tonight , 7:00 .

( Four )

Time soon to , but I think after a long, long time .

At 6 o'clock , I began to dress , skirt the election , when left to pick the right under the election, I finally chose a white evening dress - a low-cut dress, silver belt with a rose pattern juvenile hanging in the high waist of the site, an increase of leg Xian , look tall . In the middle of the belt , the one white mosaic stones, symbolizing elegant . The skirt is made ​​with high-quality silk , but also some blue baby costume ribbon , more beautiful.

" Bell ! Bell ......" doorbell rang.

After I heard , suddenly tense up, is Manfred it? Really him? I want to face taut approached the door, opened the door and saw a man that makes me dreaming .

"Well, you ......" Wang Minghui see my dress , a little shocked a little surprise.

"How the ? Not beautiful it?" Suddenly I felt a little sad.

"Not good for a better America ! ...... I've never seen you like this ...... " he face a little red.

" Really? Thank you ! " I was relieved , but also a little red face , heart beating fast.

That way, we fall into an awkward impasse. Fortunately , after a moment , the doorbell rang , and I smiled, going out the door .

Open the door , is a picture of a familiar face , the lead is Fifi , " Jojo , long time no see , become beautiful sexy ."

" Fifi ! Oh, thank you ah ." I'm embarrassed smile .

Fifi walked Manfred , magically say , "This is your husband do ? Handsome ah ! "

Voice faded, Fifi behind everybody rushes to praise the students also up -

" Oh, handsome ! " " Golden couple ! " " Jojo so beautiful , her husband is also very good ." ......

After that, the party started - we woman cast out all the stops to cook a table of food , as well as chat , sweepstakes , etc., have fun incredible. Suddenly, everyone from one o'clock to coax , to be applauded and Manfred kiss me , we are very shy and awkward , but everyone's " scaled " below , we kissed it, at that time , I do not know why, I suddenly am cry , as if looking for the lost feeling and touching the same.

Nearly 12 o'clock at night , we all have to go home. And I drink drunk by Manfred took care of me .

He was very attentive , and he let me sit on the couch with ice deposited in my forehead , and I watched his every move , suddenly shed tears , tears flowing down to the ears and hair fall , I hurriedly quickly erased it , so Wang Minghui see.

Finally , Manfred carefully put me gently on the bed, his warm breath spray onto my neck, ears , I feel bad , tears and finally the big stars big stars to fall , mouth whispered softly , "Ming Hui , do not go , do not leave me ...... "

He did not speak, just sighed and gently kissed away my tears , but my tears like never erase .

" Minghui ? 'I grasped his hand.

He caressed my wet because of tears and hair, Tan Wan said, " I am ."

"We're married. Okay ? " I can not let go of him.

Then I kissed him right away , anti holding him, my tears dripping on his face , drop , two drops , three drops ......
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He did not resist , just hold me gently wiped my tears.

I cried , looking at him , I saw him shaking his head with a wry smile , "I'm sorry , ah, Jojo , to be honest , in fact, I still love you, but because of a convention, I must marry the other girls and I can not miss it , but to ...... hurt you . " he looked down , afraid to look directly at me.

I think he really does not love me, but the original ......

He said nothing and walked away. I do not know, this is the last time we met .

- End -

Three years later it is one of the spring .

I came to the tomb of Wang Minghui , I think of that scene three years ago -

Three years ago , after he left , I went to see him, but could not find . Managed to find his new address , but without his presence. I panicked, I cried, I found his parents' phone number in the phone book , in return for a heartbreaking answer - the day before he was due to leukemia and died. Then I felt a lightning bolt, he ...... he's dead ? How so? How could that be? I suddenly felt dizzy .

Manfred ! Manfred ! You lied to me ! You're a liar ! Since you are so fond of lying, you told me that you did not die !

It turned out he did not agree , do not marry another girl , and no change of heart, he was afraid to hurt my illness , so it filed for divorce.

Manfred , now I'm warning you , ah, I 'll never forget , but also alright . I tell you , ah, I'm very well, you do not worry about me.

Hopefully, the future in heaven , we can no longer together, get married ah ! Also a lot of kids for you .

But you have not met me, I have sincerely wish you to live well ! Happy, happy to forget the pain .

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