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AC/DC Just rock the world


mmmm lastima que nunca podre ir a un concierto porque creo que no volveran a colombia por favor vengan aqui en colombia hay muchos fans y una de elas soy yo

fue expetacular el video de aca de argentina;,, espero q vuelvan a venir nuevamente, son unicos , son unos caposs!!!!!!!!

i believe ad-dc is the only rock band that has not played to changing times or people - their fans can not be pulled away - without ac-dc - rock would never have rolled - keep on

best rock band of the 70's ever. i have allways been a fan of AC/DC and allways will be Tongue and NOTHING will change that.

I Love AC/DC I Have Nearly Every DVD Of Them Including River Plate I Heard Their Touring Again Between 2012/2013 Cant Wait I Will Go The Whole 3 Nights In Sydney Australia I Went To Black Ice Frontrow And They Were Amazing Best Rock N Roll Band Ever

Love It

I want to download Live At River Plate how to do it ?

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