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All I can say is I saw them 1st in 1977 @ The Cleveland Agora. They opened for a band called Mink Deville. I was about 17 or 18 and Bon was singing Problem Child and I was hooked.. They are the very best R-n-R band ever, not heavy metal good just old ROCK-n-ROLL. Their song sound better every time from Rock and Roll Singer to Sin City to Thunderstruck to Decibel, just magic...Thank you guys

As it turns out to my big surprise... They also seem to be excellent babysitters... Our son, who is short of two years old is totally hooked, constantly crying out for more AC/DC or as he himself puts it... DC/DC... and yes, thunderstruck is one of his favorites... Thanks guys for your excellent skills at R&R and babysitting!

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AC/DC is my favorite band...

los queremos ver en Colombia por favor
we want to see in Colombia please

still waiting for a DVD of a down under concert river platts ok but been aussie want to see a copy of a local concert

i have seen AC / DC a total of 9 times their definitely are a powerhouse Band ! ! ! NeonDave


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