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At there best....RAW

Like it


this song is 1 of the best songs AC/DC does in my opinoin

Awesome song! Gonna make a JaaaaiiillllBreak!!!!

I sooo love this song.As much as I love this Video I like the Video on family jewals dvd even better.

Haha. Young Angus is funny. Oooh I see what ya did there.

Get it hot, the best band's music videos, hell yeah

If AC/DC reads my comment, I just want to say, you guys changed my life. Really. You guys are the reason I play guitar. Angus and Malcolm Young are my role models. It is my dream to see you guys live

One of my best frieds sings exactly like Brian Johnson. He is the singer for 7 Years Bad Luck: Highway To Hell, is the one to listen to, not the backup band, but the vocalist! Ya can find it on the web. Phil R and Bon and Brian and GL and I have been total fans for the past 30 years. You guys keep it up, PLEASE!