"By the end of the show, Young had visibly bloody knees: as usual, he sacrificed his body for rock & roll." – Rolling Stone (Read more…)

"AC/DC proved their headlining mettle three songs in, when the familiar riff to "Back In Black" transformed the Empire Polo Fields back to Cal Jam ’78." – Billboard (Read more…)

"It’s a formula stronger than any of AC/DC’s individual members, and one the audience’s riotous response shows is still among the most potent in rock music." – The Guardian (Read more…)

“You could get the whole thing in clear detail — no wasted notes, no overspill, every bit of the music embodied and present and clear such that you could catch and process every note and detail and know, really know, what was going on in the music.” – NY Times (Read more…)

“…the grizzled Aussie quintet exploded through a two-hour set of down and dirty rock, providing a primer to the Millennial-skewing crowd on how AC/DC basically set the template for blues-based, party-hearty heavy metal.” – Entertainment Weekly (Read

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